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Why Do I Stay?

Why Do I Stay? There are a lot of formerly faithful people out there who have come to doubt the truth claims of the Mormon church and then leave. It’s a natural response, really. The church has set itself up to be more than just a social community…it is... read more

The Charter For Compassion

The Charter For Compassion The Charter For Compassion is something I came across recently that I wanted to share. In the church we’re always looking for service opportunities. This is kind of like that and right along those lines. The idea is that we can all be... read more

What Is Dandeism?

What Is Dandeism? In his book Good Without God, Greg Epstein gives a great response to those who think you can’t be good or moral without believing in God. That’s what the whole book is about. It is a great read and is part of the Required Reading. He... read more

Separating The Church From The Gospel

Separating The Church From The Gospel When I use the term Mormon, you probably have a preconceived notion of what a Mormon is, don’t you? Ask any devout Mormon what a Mormon is, and you’ll get a lot of very similar answers. They will all talk about belief... read more

About The Mormon Existentialist

I choose not to publicly disclose my identity because I want this blog to be about my message and not about me. My goal is simply to help those who are existential thinkers, whether they know it or not, to stay involved in the church after an inevitable faith crisis. My approach is just as much philosophical as it is practical. I believe that anyone who subscribes to existentialist ideals can live authentically as a Mormon. My hope is that this blog will help you navigate your own faith transition and arrive at a comfortable place. This is also a safe place for devout Mormons looking to better understand or help a loved one in faith crisis.